Restore Engine Performance With a Decoke

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For all MINI owners with Cooper S & JCWs that were made between 2007-2010 (upto 2012 for jcws) are going to be most prone to carbon build up problem. The carbon can make a dramatic affect to your engines performance, the most common symptoms are;

  • Poor idle running
  • Poor acceleration which can fell like a misfire
  • Excessive exhaust pops on overrun
  • Engine warning lights
  • Bad fuel economy

This problem occurs because the fuel is directly injected to the cylinder therefore bypasses in the inlet valves. With a fuel to aid cleaning of the valves, carbon deposits soon build up and decrease the flow of air passing into the cylinder. It can also cause the valve not to close fully bring the compression down.

Thankfully the guys at DanKan have a solution to this problem. We are able to remove the inlet manifold, with access to the inlet valves we can clean them with a cleaning granulate fired by air pressure. When the valve is cleaned we add a neutralise solution that dissolves any remaining granulate particles preventing them getting into the cylinder.

The decoke service is – £295.00 all inclusive